Alumni Updates: Here’s what your brothers have been up to since Georgia Tech

It is always a great opportunity when you get to catch up with a brother you haven’t seen in a while! We recently caught up with a brother who gave us an update on what they have been up to since Georgia Tech! Read on to hear his updates. 

“Sophomore year, September 1979. Just an ordinary rush party,” he recalls. “I was just walking around when I saw Bonnie. I just froze. Time stood still. I know it’s sounds corny as hell, but it’s true. I thought she was the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen. I was scared to death to talk to her, just like Charlie Brown and the little red-haired girl.” Fortunately, Mark conquered his fears and struck up a conversation. The rest, as he explains it, is history: “A year later my lavalier, then my pin, then a ring.” Memories of brotherhood, camaraderie, and hijinks will all endure, but in Mark’s world, the lasting legacy of Sigma Nu will be the night he met Bonnie. Forty years later she still has it – and the sweater she was wearing that night. Really.”Mark Smith ’78

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