Daniel London ‘00: “I still get together with my pledge brothers.”

When Daniel London ‘00 arrived at Georgia Tech, Sigma Nu was known for “being a strong brotherhood of great guys who love to have a great time. The pool was the center of our social lives and KV was always entertaining.”

The chapter didn’t spend all of their time at the pool, of course. “We started a lot of nights at Georgio’s for cheap pitchers or El Amigo for ‘big beers,’” Daniel said. “Then it was usually out to Buckhead, most likely Moondogs.”

Daniel bonded the most with his pledge brothers. “We spent the most time together and overcame many challenges,” he explained. “Our road trip to National will always hold a special place in our hearts. I still get together with my pledge brothers and am about to head to the annual golf tournament.”

Looking back, Daniel admitted that when it comes to funny stories from his time in the chapter, “I don’t have a ton of family-friendly ones, but ‘pooping’ the pledges to check their fraternity knowledge and testing their resolve was a guaranteed laugh.”

Other fun memories of Sigma Nu traditions are “Island Party, KV, Trick or Drink, Philosophy, and Friendship Week.”

Daniel made good use of his academic work at Tech to prepare him for his career. “I came in on and graduated on the M Train,” he said. “After a few attempts at a career, [I] landed in the financial industry. [I’ve] worked in a bank setting, [as an] independent broker-dealer, and now [at] a large financial corporation.”

He has been “married for almost 20 years, [has] two great kids (14 and 13 years old), and five pets (two goldendoodles and three cats).”