Undergraduate News and Updates

Recently, the undergraduates sent us some updates about recent events they held, as well as some photos of new brothers and executives. Read on to see what our undergraduate brothers have been up to!

“Firstly, we kicked off Sigma Nu Secondhand, our charity event supporting suicide prevention that begun last semester, and it’s been such a hit that we’ve kept the momentum going. This event is all about reaching out and getting our campus community involved while backing a cause that means a lot to us. It’s a win-win, promoting campus spirit and supporting a charity we truly stand behind.

As the month drew to a close, the Sigma Nu brothers came together for our formal. We set our sights on New Orleans, gearing up for a refreshing two-day getaway in the city as a well-deserved break post-rush.”

Sigma Nu Secondhand charity event at the house



Two new brothers who pledged last fall, Daniel Mejia and Eli Johnson.
Sigma Nu Exec
Sigma Nu at Formal in New Orleans